The tax credit and cash rebate programmes offered by public bodies worldwide can be a cornerstone of your project’s finance plan.

Whether it’s the Australian Offset, the UK Rebate, or anything in between, we have experience with a wide range of these programmes and can assist with understanding, executing, and cashflowing them.


Our strong working relationships with the world’s leading distributors, allows  us to offer favourable terms when cashflowing pre-sale contracts.

Unlike traditional lenders, we are able to work with a broad range of distributors across numerous territories.


Beyond traditional collateralised lending, we can provide gap funding to help complete your production’s finance plan. Having worked with a vast number of international sales agents, we bring a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach to gap lending. 

Our considerable experience in the international sales market positions us as one of the industry’s gap lenders of choice.


We know that bringing your vision to life is no easy feat. By leveraging our extensive network, we can connect you with the right partners for your project.

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