Head Gear Films is widely recognised as one of the most prolific providers of production services and debt finance to independent media projects.


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Primarily, we look to lend against receivables, such as the UK tax credit, or revenues that have not yet been paid out. This enables our partners to partially fund the production of their games, or to enhance their marketing spend to boost the profile of their titles and acquire new users.

Debt financing in this way is often something that is not at the front of developers' minds when they think about funding their projects, and we find that it is usually something that our developer partners welcome as it does not involve parting with any of the equity in their companies, or control of their operations.

We often find that our relationships with developers start with simple transactions where we advance against the UK tax credit (for example) but over time expand into more general corporate facilities, as they get more used to working with us and see more opportunities for expanding their businesses with our help.