Head Gear Films is widely recognised as one of the most prolific providers of production services and debt finance to independent media projects.


Film is a core part of Head Gear's operations

Over recent years, Head Gear has provided financing and production services to over two hundred films around the world, ranging from significant international titles to smaller, more locally-focussed films.

Most of our team members have backgrounds in film production, and we understand the challenges of the process as a result.

The size of our market footprint means that we are able to bring substantial resources, contacts, knowledge and leverage to bear in assisting producers to package and finance their films, as well as locating suitable partners for each step in the value chain.

Head Gear is primarily a senior lender that can cashflow tax-credits, pre-sales, etc. but given the flexible nature of our funding we are able to look at any opportunity where our assessment of the risk is positive.

Please note that we are not equity financiers, and are not able to provide development funding.