Head Gear Films is widely recognised as one of the most prolific providers of production services and debt finance to independent media projects.

What we do

Since its inception in 2002, Head Gear has been a part of over two hundred and fifty feature films, television programmes, and other media projects.

These titles are a representative selection of Head Gear's recent portfolio, illustrating the broad range of projects with which the company gets involved.


Over recent years, Head Gear has provided financing and production services to over two hundred films around the world, ranging from significant international titles to smaller, more locally-focussed films.


As the perception of what constitutes television continues to change, there are more opportunities than ever for partnering with us

Video games

Working primarily in the UK video game sector, we provide production support backed by government incentives, and develop innovative ways to fund both production and marketing

... and more

We have been able to provide lending to other types of media projects, including comic books and theatre productions.