Head Gear Films is widely recognised as one of the most prolific providers of production services and debt finance to independent media projects.

About us

Head Gear Films is widely recognised as one of the UK’s most prominent production and investment companies servicing a variety of independent media projects.

We have been involved in packaging, producing and financing over 300 feature films over the past four years, which have shot in at least 19 countries around the world, partnering with most of the leading international sales agents and distributors.

The company is based in the UK but operates internationally, with significant operations in the United States and Australia.

We pride ourselves on the continual evolution of our company as production partners and financiers because:

We are filmmakers

Most of our team have film production backgrounds, so we understand well the stresses and difficulties of working on a movie!

We view ourselves as filmmakers who finance, rather than financiers who happen to work in film, and as a result are always looking for ways to help producers. Whether it's providing tailored packages of production and finance support, or by using our contacts and knowledge to help resolve issues throughout the process, we'll find a solution.

We are keenly aware that film production is a extensive, multi-year process, and aim to provide support through a film's journey - we are fairly unique in the marketplace as financiers who are as responsive and keen to help around the point of delivery as we are at the point of closing the finance.

We are honest

Where there is honesty, there is clarity. Our team strive to make themselves available to answer questions or address any problems swiftly and clearly, ensuring that the bespoke services we provide are right for the project and all those involved have a clear view of the road ahead.

We are reliable

With a single primary source of funding, we don't need to raise finance, consult with multiple investors or rely on heavily-structured funds. As we control our own funds, we always stick to our word and honour our commitments, and have built a strong reputation in the industry for being a responsive and reliable partner.

We are efficient

Head Gear is populated by friendly and approachable personalities from diverse backgrounds, as is designed to be as nimble an organisation as possible, proving bespoke services to the projects on which we work. Our efficient size enables us to focus on building solid personal relationships with our clients and partners, to the advantage of all.

With no corporate board looming over us or those with whom we collaborate, we have the freedom to make decisions quickly and act fast. Whether the need is cash-flowing tax credits, corporate lending or executive production and packaging services, we are always responsive and welcome every opportunity to discuss the needs of your production.

We believe that learning is growth

As a result of our core belief in continual learning, Head Gear is able to assess and manage all kinds of projects. We recognise that our industry and all those that inhabit it are ever-evolving, so we strive to constantly deepen our knowledge and strengthen our connections by looking for ways to innovate and improve. Doing so heightens our flexibility to adapt to a producer’s needs and enables us to be increasingly innovative in these brave new worlds.

The team

Phil Hunt
Managing Director

Daniel Negret
Chief Operating Officer

Natalie Coleman
Investment Director 

Sophie Bell
Investment Manager

Tom Dexter
Investment Associate

Orlando Figg
Investment Associate